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Desktop based application for organizing schedules for a department. 
  • Provides both a graphical and textual display of class schedules
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Displays conflicts between course times, rooms, professors in a graphical and textual representation
  • Customizable conflict groups
  • Multiple printing options
  • Export and Import to CSV
  • Easy editing of course meeting times

It was completed as a Master's degree practicum project. My team chose this project because we felt that it would be the easiest project to interact with the prospective users. From my past experience with completing an undergraduate practicum, I knew that user interaction was key to developing a successful project. 

I supported the software during the following semester during an independent study in software maintenance. This allowed me to work with current users of the application to develop a few new features.


The Graphical View                                                 The Textual View