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Super Silent

Advanced Muting Capabilities
  • Only way to disable the mute is through this app
  • Mutes all sounds
  • Can tie enable/disable to volume rockers
  • One touch toggle
  • Other apps can't disable mute
  • Prevents accidental volume raising

One of the big issues that people have had with the Android platform has been that ringer/notification volume is a separate setting from media/game volume. So one can be muted while the other is at full volume. Many people have had some embarrassing moments, myself included, switching to a game and expecting there to be no sound, but instead wind up treating everyone to the beeps and blips of a loud game. There isn't a quick or easy way to change both volumes simultaneously or perform a mute and ensure that it stays that way. Another issue exists where sometimes the sound temporarily becomes unmuted for button presses, this prevents that as well.

Super Silent solves the above problems by using a unique system wind muting feature that is not normally user accessible. This mute works so that even if a user raises the volume or another application tries to raise the volume, the system will remain completely silent. It can be activated or deactivated in several ways, desktop shortcuts, being linked to the volume rockers, or Quick Cut can be used to provide more toggle options.