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Phandroid News

An application to get up to date news about the Android platform from http://www.phandroid.com
  • Caches news items and thumbnails for quick access
  • Auto sizing of images to reduce scrolling
  • Shows thumbnails for each news item
  • All news data is XML based
  • Doesn't run in the background, in order to save battery
  • Supports viewing embedded youtube videos
  • Can open web browser to view full articles    

Phandroid.com was looking for a way to get more page hits. I suggested creating a customized news reader for their site. I had some ideas that I wanted to test, that would make it better than a generic RSS newsreader. I implemented a few customized features such as thumbnail creation and resizing of the images along with the suggestion that unlike other generic RSS readers, our app should never run into the background since that would waste battery on news that isn't life or death.


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