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dg Money

Personal finance and expense tracking
  • Multiple accounts and types of accounts
  • Auto completion of complete items for frequently entered transactions
  • Auto completion of categories
  • Total and cleared total
  • No limit to transaction count
  • Import and export of QIF format
  • A button filled easy interface and a more content oriented expert interface



Since I got my first smart phone, I've always felt that it was a great tool for tracking day to day spending. On Windows Mobile, I wound up using Excel to keep track. That only provided a very basic service of a daily spending total. On Palm OS I wound up using Splash Money, which turned out to be light years beyond what I was using on Windows Mobile. When I decided to get an Android phone, I had no idea what I would use. There was no personal finance software out, and there were no spreadsheet applications available. dg Money was born from that void.

As you can see below, most of the screens have two looks, with and without a toolbar and radio buttons. The view with the toolbar is the easy mode. When I released the application initially I got quite a few e-mails from users asking about functions like deleting or adding new items. Since Android was so new, many users had no idea about the UI conventions of the platform. I explained the correct way to many of them, that some functions are hidden in menus or long clicks, but I also went the extra mile and developed an alternative easier to use user interface. It's not the interface I use, but I know many users find it helpful.

The List of All Accounts in both interface modes
  A list of items in an Account in both interface modes