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dg QuickCut

The most comprehensive shortcut creation application for Android powered phones.
Provides 3 types of shortcuts
  • Home screen - Just like desktop shortcuts on your PC
  • Quicklaunch - Keyboard shortcuts activated by pressing the search button + a letter
  • Dropcuts - Shortcuts activated by clicking a notification in Androids dropdown notification drawer
The available shortcuts can be to applications, to specific functions of applications, to bookmarks, to setting toggles, to directly text message or call someone, and a handful of other functions available on the phone.

The key to using a smart phone efficiently is being able to quickly navigate between different applications.Palm OS has shortcuts where you hold a button to 

In response to user requests, toggles to frequently used settings were added, such as bluetooth, wi-fi, and GPS. All of these settings are generally hidden deep within the menu structure of the phone settings. It takes up to a dozen clicks to enable or disable them. But not any more.


Toggle Shortcut List           Sampling of Available Shortcut Types             The Main Screen

       Some Dropcuts                            Some Home Shortcuts