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dg Alert

Improved notifications for text messaging.
  •     Screen turns on when you receive a text message
  •     Customizable vibration timing
  •     Repeating notifications
  •     Privacy mode
  •     Tweaks to what messages show in the notification bar
  •     Customizable alert LED color

When I got my G1 phone one of the things that bothered me about it was that the screen did not turn on when I received a text message. This meant I had to grab the phone, unlock it, and then open the text messaging app every time I received a message. This original purpose of this app was simply to turn the screen on long enough for you to read the incoming message without having to press any buttons.

But due to user requests, including my own, it has evolved into a much more powerful and useful too.

The software only needs to be run once. The main interface is an easy to use preference screen that comes with preselected ideal options. It's set it and forget it software. After installation all text messages are intercepted by the software and the chosen options are used to provide enhanced notifications.

It does not run in the background continuously as you might suspect. The application provides an intent to receive text messages and the Android Platform fires that intent only when needed. So there's no cost to battery life or performance.

dg Alert Preferences Pane