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Through the years I've had a ton of phones, I probably average more than 1 a year. I always have the urge to be on the cutting edge with regards to phones. So when I heard that Google was working on a new operating system for mobile phones, I knew that I would wind up buying the first phone that came out. That phone turned out to be the T-Mobile G1.

Since the early releases of the Android SDK I've been involved in developing mobile applications for the platform. I wanted to be able to ensure that all the software I needed would be available from the moment I purchased my phone. That need, led to the development of my personal finance application, dgMoney. I actually began development of that before I even got my hands on an Android powered pone. Shortly after purchasing the Android powered G1 phone, I found a few things that could be improved to make the phone easier to use, that led to the development of the bulk of my other applications for the platform.

My applications have been downloaded over 100,000 thousand times. And I provide support to all of my users.