This site is a showcase of some of the impressive independent software projects that I've led the development of. Click on each project for a few screenshots, the story behind the software, and some interesting notes.

  Android Development
I've worked for Barnes & Noble.com on the Nook eReader for Android cell phones and tablets, along with the Nook Color. Independently I've also worked on a suite of mobile software applications to make your Android powered phone an indispensable companion. Between all of the applications I've worked on, there have been well over a quarter million downloads.
  • Nook - Lead Android developer
  • Nook Color - Provided Android expertise to Nook Color team
  • dg Alert - Enhanced text messaging notifications
  • dg Money - Expense tracking and check register
  • dg QuickCut - The most comprehensive shortcut tool available on the platform
  • dg QuickLaunch - Search bar to speed up access to websites, contacts, and applications on your Android powered phone
  • Phandroid News - A customized XML based newscast developed for http://www.phandroid.com
  • Super Silent - An exceptional muting application
  • Keyguard Disabler - Disables the keyguard. A feature missing from Android.
  • Melon - Enhanced note taking software
  • Airport Maps - Airport terminal map software for Android

  Desktop Java Development
  • EZ-Class - Course scheduling software developed for use by Monmouth University

Windows Mobile Development

WebOS Development*
  • dg QuickCut - Makes it easier and quicker to navigate and use your WebOS phone.
  • dg Money - Expense tracking and check register. WebOS version of the Android dg Money. Follows WebOS UI guidelines rather than just being a sloppy port of the Android app. 
*Images will be coming soon. Please contact me for demos or more details.

For confidentiality and security reasons, work from my career will not be listed here. I may be able to provide some details in person.